Manage & Monitor

Manage and Monitor

Manage and Monitor

With baseline data in place and analysed, the next step is to identify energy saving opportunities, with a focus on prioritising practical, cost-effective initiatives to deliver maximum impact.

Once implemented, the results are monitored using on-site and remote technology. Effective energy management is not a one-off intervention – we train clients in managing their energy usage and systems, and continuously monitor the results in order to verify savings and identify further opportunities to enhance efficiency.

We’ll make sure that your company is paying the correct tariffs for energy and water in line with the nature of your operation and demand levels.

Deregulation of the power supply industry presents new choices of both tariffs and energy providers – we will assist you with selecting the right provider at the right tariff that is most cost-effective and best suits the needs of your business.

We source and project manage the installation of smart metering systems which generate real-time, time-stamped data in order to monitor energy usage on a daily or even hourly basis.

Automated meter reading (AMR) systems ensure accurate internal billing, for example in shopping centres and industrial parks, and management of electricity usage and costs in specific areas of an operation.